SVA has certified canine rehabiliation therapist to help dogs with injuries, arthritis, spinal disease, performance, and surgical recovery.  

Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic addresses altered range of motion in the joints of the spine, limbs, and head.  These abnormal biomechanics are corrected with a high velocity low amplitude thrust into affected joint.  Conditions that benefit from chiropractic include spinal pain, lack of engagement, gait imbalances, neurologic problems, and poor performance

Laser Therapy

SVA has a Class IV therapeutic laser for global and laser acupuncture applications.  This therapy is great for arthritis, disc disease, soft tissue injury, inflammatory skin lesions,  chronic UTI, and wound healing

Nutrition & Food Therapy

We provide nutritional guidance as well as balanced homemade diet plans for maintenance or disease therapy.  We also apply the Chinese principals to the food selected within the diet to correct for an animals excesses or deficiencies.

    We also carry high quality vitamin, whole food, and therapeutic supplements from Thorne,  Balance IT, Standard Process, Animal Essentials and Carlson.

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese medicine is available for dogs, cats and horses.  It is great for treating spinal trauma, disk disease, limb paralysis, arthritis, allergies, and supporting internal organ function.  Equine patients are seen on the farm or at our Tumalo haul-in facility. All herbal medicines prescribed meet the highest GMP purity standards.

Sage Veterinary Alternatives

Essential Oils

We offer essential oils developed and created by Melissa Shelton DVM of Animaleo.  They are great for behavioural, inflammatory and full body support needs.