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Homotoxicology  involves treating medical conditions with complex homeopathic remedies containing many different individual remedies in variable strengths (potency chords).  These complex remedies have several advantages including: decreased healing crisis, broader spectrum of use per patient (genus epidemicus), and augmented efficacy.     
    They work off the principal that “like treats like” .  A given remedy creates similar disease signs to those created by the disease from which the animal is suffering.  When the remedy is given in a small potentiated dose by mouth, intravenously or subcutaneously,  it stimulates the body’s natural defenses, like a miniature vaccination, to fight the disease process on its own.   This is unlike allopathic western medications that mainly mask the signs of disease rather than stimulating the body to clear the disease.
    A powerful adjunct to acupuncture is homeosiniatry or biopuncture.  This is when sterile homotoxicology remedies are injected into traditional Chinese acupuncture points.  This has a synergistic effect of sustained release acupuncture as well as allowing the homotoxicology remedies instant access to the patient’s matrix where they can achieve maximal efficacy.  At SVA, we use only high quality remedies made by –Heel.

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